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Are You Overdoing Your Skincare?

So, you finally have the perfect skincare routine for your skin type and mastered it. But have you
been using the correct amount of product?
The average beauty regime in the UK costs £113 and made up of an average of 12 products. If
you find you run out of your products too quickly, then keep reading. It could be costing you
more than you think to replace those empties.
Been using two full pipettes of serum? Or only half a pump of cleanser? It’s not right, but it’s
okay. (Promise that was an unintentional Whitney reference).
Too much can be harmful. Too little can be ineffective. Double the amount doesn’t mean double
the efficacy.
It’s a minefield. With contradicting skincare tips being handed out nonchalantly thanks to the
likes of Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, it’s no wonder there’s so much confusion.
Judy Hill, skin specialist and owner of Posh Beauty helps me to debunk and clarify the
suggested serving sizes.
“Too little of a product and you might not see the desired effect, too much could cause irritation
or a negative user experience.” Judy said.
“You should get into a good habit of consistently using the same amount, too.”
“It also depends on the quality- a better quality product will have a higher concentration of active
ingredients, less ‘filler’ ingredients and not as watered down. If it’s cheap, it’s likely you’ll need
Now, this can vary on the formula and the purpose- i.e make-up removing, second cleanse.
Not using as much as you should could mean you’re not cleansing properly and not getting up
all the dirt. More than you need will just waste product and your money.
Use: half a teaspoon to a level teaspoon (or one pump).
Not using enough of your acid toner won’t show you the glowing results you’re after, and you’ll
remain congested. Using too much can cause over-exfoliation though- causing dryness,
irritation and stinging.
Use: damp ¾ of the cotton pad and use both sides.
“A serum is a concentrated dose of active ingredients. It doesn’t need to feel moisturised, that’s
your moisturiser’s job.” Judy says.
Not using the recommended quantity won’t deliver the benefits of the actives, and too much
may bring irritation.
Use: ¼ teaspoon- for comparison, about a 5p coin.
“Too much moisturiser can sit on the surface of your skin and give you open pores and
breakouts” Judy says.
Use: ½ a teaspoon.
Eye cream
If you use too little, the eye area can become dehydrated and appear more creased. Too much
and the area could become congested.
Use: ⅛ of a teaspoon per eye.
Night cream
Not enough night cream means your skin will stay dry, but using more than you need can cause
congestion just like your day moisturiser.
Use: ½ a teaspoon.
You don’t need me to tell you the risks of not using enough sunscreen, but it’s important we get
the protection we need everyday. If you use too much, well, you’ll just need to rub it in for a bit
Use: 10p sized amount should cover your face and neck.