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Why You Need to Add Facial Massaging to Your Routine

Why You Need to Add Facial Massaging to Your Routine
With an increasing amount of us choosing to go make-up free and a unanimous 96% deciding
to invest in skincare over covering up, there’s no surprise we’re all after the latest treatments,
products and tools.
You won’t be shocked either to see Google found the demand for beauty devices going through
the roof, to more than 100% since last February in the past few months alone. Wow.
One technique coming out strong is facial massaging. If you too can’t get enough of watching all
the celebs documenting their facials, you’ll have noticed the two tools that keep popping up. And
you know if Alex Steinherr does it, it’s worth doing.
I’m talking about facial rollers and Gua Sha having a moment. So, I spoke to Dr Dianni Dai, skin
specialist and aesthetic doctor at Pulse Light Clinic to explain all.
Why should I be facial massaging?
“First off, facial massage simply feels good. It releases tension in the muscles.” Dr Dianni said.
“This is a huge help for many of us who spend hours everyday staring at a computer or phone
screen and end up feeling fatigued.”
Facial massaging proves to aid lymphatic drainage and improve circulation in our faces- which
in the long run is beneficial for collagen maintenance.
“From a cosmetic perspective, this means reduced puffiness and a more energised look.”
But, what is lymphatic drainage? I hear you say. The lymphatic system helps to get rid of our
body’s waste and toxins. Lymphatic drainage encourages the movement of those lymph fluids.
How do you massage your face?
Dr Dianni says to be able to properly massage our own faces, we should go in the direction of
the lymphatic drainage.
“Simply put, start in the middle of the face, massage outwards and downwards towards the back
of the ears and down the neck.”
Sounds easy, right? I know what I’m adding to my Sunday facial.
Facial rollers
First, I asked Dr Dianni about facial rollers. You know the ones- the pink quartz or jade double
ended rollers stocked everywhere from Boots to Oliver Bonas now.
“Facial rollers, often crafted from jade stones, add cooling and calming effects.”
“They also help amplify the pressure from massaging hands and make it easier to manipulate
the lymphatic drainage system.”
These roll gently over the skin, detoxifying and soothing while de-stressing. Rollers can also
allow for greater absorption when you apply your skincare after.
Try putting your roller in the fridge just before you use it, for the ultimate depuffing effect.
Fun fact: jade stone is also traditionally believed to bring peace and luck. So, you can pass that
over right about now.
Gua Sha
Gua Sha has ancient roots in traditional Chinese medical practice.
“Traditionally, the specially shaped tool used in Gua Sha uses materials such as jade, animal
bones or ceramics and has a thin edge which comes into contact with the skin and moderate to
severe skin redness.” Dr Dianni explains to me.
“‘Sha’ is believed to be the by-product of an illness and ‘Gua Sha’, which literally means ‘getting
rid of ill substances’ still has its place today for helping to drain metabolic waste from the face.”
Gua Sha can help to firm facial contours like the jawline and cheekbones. It can work to lift
away dead skin cells and brighten the appearance.
Use it in a gliding motion outwards from the centre of the face. You can also apply a drop of
serum before, for total smoothness.
Rollers vs Gua Sha: which is better?
If like me, both sound pretty great to you but not sure which is for you, Dr Dianni explains we
don’t need to.

“Gua Sha and jade rollers can feel quite different on the face because of their unique shapes.”
“Both are excellent tools for a facial massage and the choice should come down to personal
Brb, adding both to my basket.

Herbivore Jade Facial Roller: £26
Revolution Skincare Rose Quartz Gua Sha: £8