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Double Serum: Get to Know the K-Beauty Trend

Korean beauty products have become the uber cool older sister of the UK beauty industry, and
pioneers when it comes to trends. We’re totally behind.
South Korea’s advanced skin technologies are leading in the global aesthetic industry. They’re
constantly innovating and dominating the scene.
Appealing to the youngsters among us as well as the skincare super enthusiasts, K-Beauty
products have quickly become in demand. (It might have something to do with the often ultra
cute packaging too).
Previously, it used to be an entirely different story, with coveted Korean products a mission to
purchase over here. Not to mention the eye-watering shipping costs, if it was even possible.
Now, it’s much easier to get your hands on the latest and trial for yourself.
Some trends we’ve probably not even realised they started in Korea- dewy skin? Yeah that
trend started there before making its way to the west. Alongside glass skin, the one-minute rule
and inner dryness.
One trend moving to the forefront right now is double serum. If you’re a K-Beauty connoisseur,
I’m sure you’re already familiar.
We’ve started layering our skincare, but this more ‘cocktailing’. I chatted with Dr Dianni Dai, skin
specialist and aesthetic doctor at Pulse Light Clinic to give me a lesson on the ins and outs of
double serum.
What is double serum?
“The concept of ‘double serum’ originated in South Korea” Dr Dianni said.
“A double serum is specially formulated to include a mixture of active ingredients which address
at least two skin concerns in one serum.”
It means we can bring together our own bespoke solution, in a very simple step. Or some
serums already incorporating this from the get go.
How did double serum start?
Koreans are known to have the best skin. Fact. And we’re all obsessed with finding the
“Koreans have a comprehensive skincare routine and have always included multiple products in
their regime by layering them one on top of another.” Dr Dianni says.
“Of course, they soon discovered some ingredients don’t quite go together because of either
their texture or formulation.”
So, that’s why they started combining ingredients into one single product which works better to
offer the multiple benefits we want from our skincare.
What are the benefits of using a double serum?
We all know what it’s like, trying to buy different products for each different skin concern. And
most of us have multiple concerns. A 2-in-1 almost sounds too good to be true.
Using more than one of our active ingredients and serums together means we can do just that
and address two issues at once. However, we need to know that the products we’ve pickedmost
likely from different brands, might not work effectively together and if they can even be
“You can trust a double serum to have researched the answers for you” Dr Dianni says.
“The multiple ingredients within one single product are effectively combined to address different
skin concerns, whether that’s wrinkles, pigmentation, hydration, oily skin and so on.”
It means we can decide each day according to our skin, and not having to use the same one
every single day. There’s freedom to cocktail on a daily basis.
Is double serum here to stay?
With brands like Sweet Chef (by the brains behind K-Beauty brand Glow Recipe) bringing out
entire dedicated ranges of products designed to complement each other for users to customise
their routine. It seems a big step for what’s currently considered a ‘trend’ in the UK.
Does Dr Dianni think it’s here to stay? She’s pretty certain it is.
“In fact, I think there will be a general trend towards scientifically testing and combining active
skincare ingredients together to ensure safety and efficacy.”
So, looks like time for some DIY skincare.