So I gave you beauty on a budget,
good old Aldi saved the day and everybody's bank balance!
Now let me give you beauty on a splurge, this is especially for all of you unaffected sitting pretty on Furlough with Amazon boxes on tap and recycling bins full of cardboard….
I have something else you can now try whilst stuck in, it is loved by celebrities and more....
I have reviewed for you Obagi Skincare!
Obagi is the best skincare I have ever used!!! And I wish that I could say it was as good as the cheaper brands I have used, however, it is none comparable! Although I am happy to be proven wrong, and I will continue to search for alternatives over the next few weeks!  Aunty Becky loves a bargain so I am already on the case!
However I haven’t stopped using Obagi for 3 solid weeks, it has given me smooth pinchable skin.
I have attached a pic of the kit I use.
I use this daily and all the necessary instructions are in the pack.
You can buy Obagi online, however, I personally would recommend calling a clinic and explaining your skin type so that they can recommend a starter kit.
Do not buy the whole kit, always ask for a starter kit, because of the prices you want to make sure that what you're buying is the right product for you.
I am not going to lie; Obagi for a full set costs a couple of hundred pounds, that is why it is best to shop around for a good price or contact Obagi on their website. They at times offer free samples and they may be able to steer you in the right direction in terms of clinics etc
I love it, I hope you will too!!
My personal Favourite is the face scrub which I use daily or every other day.
P.S. I have no affiliation with any of the products I review, I buy and pay for the products I write about
PR firms do gift me but if I don't like their product rather than knock it I just won't write about it, I want my loyal fans to trust that what I am recommending is coming from an honest place ALWAYS!
 My website Equal Skin is all about honest reviews honest recommendations! 
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